All sports teams need extra cash for a variety of events and expenses, including Team Uniforms, Tournaments and Competitions, Player of the Day Awards, Team Trips and the list goes on...

How Can We Help?
North City Tenpin has a couple of solutions which are suitable for different groups and ages, including Fundraising Tickets, or just a night out with the boys.


Fundraising Tickets

Organise a day and time for a social fundraiser, (weekday, or weekends), and notify all your members and familiesof the event through newsletters and local media.
We will then discount our games for you to on sell to your guests for a price of your choice.
Once the tickets have been sold, meet your ticket holders on the organised day and time at North City Tenpin, and have a ball.
(minimum numbers required with wholesale costs to be negotiated based on day, time and expected numbers)



Applications must be made to take advantage of these fundraising options.
Application for Community Assistance Please get a form or store or email to apply.