How do I use the equipment?

Our staff will brief you on how to use the equipment, explaining the controls and safety of Virtual Reality. There is also a tutorial within the system to help you navigate and get started. You can also ask for help at any time.


Can anyone experience Virtual Reality?

Yes - absolutely!
In our experience, Virtual Reality is best suited to ages from around 8 or 9 upwards, however we have had kids playing as young as 5 with an adult/parent helper.


How many games/experiences are there? Can I decide what I want to play/try?

We have a wide range of games and experiences available, roughly 30 options. You will be in control of what you play/try via the built in menu system and can change games as often as you like. Our staff are happy to recommend options to suit your requirements. Our games and experiences will be updated/upgraded/changed regularly.


I wear glasses - Can I still play?

We recommend wearing contact lenses if possible, however our headsets can be used with glasses that have small frames.
There is also a limited focus adjustment available to use the headsets without any glasses or lenses if you prefer.


I have long hair - Will it fit me?

The headsets fit similar to a baseball cap, unfortunately they will probably not fit over a bun or pony tail.
Dreadlocks may also prevent the headset from fitting properly.


Will it make me feel sick?

We can never guarantee anything and advise everyone to be sensible, however our equipment is as good as possible and shouldn't make you feel sick.


Can I share with someone else?

You are welcome to share your experience with others. A 30 minute session can be shared between 2 people, whilst a 60 minute experience can be shared with up to 3 people. Be warned - we think you will like it so much you won't want to share!


I don't know if I will like it - Can I try it first?

This will depend entirely on our staff and booth availability - we are happy to give a member of your group a quick demonstration, however due to commercial licensing restrictions, we are unable to provide a demonstration to everyone. We are confident that everyone will enjoy at least one of the many experiences available at North City VR


Please chat to our friendly staff for any further information.