We have a number of social and competitive leagues, from junior leagues, to adult, social, beginner, and senior leagues designed for 55+ aged members.

Most leagues run a handicapped system, allowing bowlers of different abilities to compete on an even base. This means that even if you are new to the sport, you can still compete against other bowlers who have more experience, and higher averages.

Leagues for Beginners

We have a few different options for new bowlers, and within the League Schedule, you can see which leagues are accepting new players, and which ones are described as social or competitive. Check out our beginners league here

Junior Leagues

Junior Leagues operate every Thursday afternoon, and also include FREE Coaching during the league, which runs from 4.30pm, when the kids play 2 games against other kids of similar ages. 

For more information, please contact us at Chris@NorthCityTenpin.co.nz  

League results are uploaded as soon as we are able, and expect to have them up within 24 hours from the completion of the games. If you have any queries, or require further information other than what is posted, please contact us at info@northcitytenpin.co.nz   

League Results

Name Time Format Type Games Cost Results


McD's Doubles

6.30pm Doubles Social 3 $22 inc p/fund

Restarts 27/1/20


Wellington City Singles 8:00pm Singles Competitive 3

$19.50 + PF $3.50

Total $23.00

Restarts 10/2/20



Leisure League      10.00am All Sorts Senior 3


Includes morning tea

Restarts 28/1/20


Tuesday Night Doubles     6:30pm Doubles Beginner 3

$22 / $25



Restarts 28/1/20


North City Singles

6.45pm Singles


Scratch Singles

  $35 + PF

Restarts 29/1/20


 Primetimers 12.30pm Singles Senior 3 $17.00 + PF

Restarts 13/2/20

Alley Kats Junior League 4.30pm Singles Junior 2 $13.00

Restarts 13/2/20



TGIF  10.00am Singles Senior 3


Includes morning tea






Special Olympians 10.00am Singles Social 3 $17.00 Restarts 1/2/20


Little League 7.00pm Doubles Social 3 $30.00